Many many years ago, so long I barely remember when, I got the crack pot idea to make a webpage. This is it. It has gone through many forms, many shapes, and numerous designs of various complexity. This is my place, my home for all my fabulous realities. In past incarnations my page was littered with low quality stories that now give me headaches to read. They still exist safe and secure in their coffins somewhere on my hard-drive, so if you really want to read them, ask me. But from now on this page will mainly serve as a location for my current works in progress.

Mwahahah! Some of you might have failed to notice, but the Stories page is, in effect, my blog. It is, erm, sometimes, updated on a regular basis, and generally is probably slightly kinda worth your time reading. But then again it could be slightly kinda somewhat not worth reading either. Only one way to find out, go to Jaks Blog.

This is it, the Last Crusade of the Flying Dutchman! The Final Flight of the Flying Fuck! This is...

Jak Stoller’s Figments of Reality!

12/08/04:     I just awoke from a coma, I swear it. Okay, I don’t swear it, but it wouldn’t hurt you people to think it was true.


10/25/04:     Shit happens. When it doesn’t happen, your constipated. No, I'm not constipated, I'm busy with other things... Honestly... I really am.

Quit giving me that look!!

10/16/04:     Hey, its still Friday somewhere!

The (late, Gomenazi ^^;) update is up, now I'm off to go watch some old school goodies!

10/08/04:     And this week, on Jak’s Multi-tasking, we have an update for stories section, an update for Tomorrow, a bit of information on a new project I’ve started called Mek Wars, a story for a friend of mine, some pictures, and a culminating triumph in the realm of...
Okay, so no triumphs, but the updates have been changed to Fridays :D

10/02/04:     I'm moving to Mars, so if you've got any boxes...

9/28/04:     Don't hold your breath on the afor mentioned update... damn i hate family...

9/25/04:     Okay, all links are up and running. Weekly update of story’s section is complete. Tomorrow? Expect to see a fairly substantial update to the About Me section (so far, it sucks :D). Oh, and quite possibly before this week is over, an update to “Tomorrow”.
*25 minutes later*
My bad, About page has been updated too ^^;

9/19/04:     New look, let me know what you think, watch for debris, this could get messy :P

This page best veiwed at 1024 by 768 resolution, and when sober...

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